Fee Schedule

Wellness Management Consultants is a concierge service.

We have a number of options to fit our client’s needs with hourly or monthly plans to permit greater flexibility:

Bronze: 0/hour: Our hourly rate for services: (psychology, health coaching, peak performance coaching, life/relationship coaching, nutrition, wellness, and building biology) is? usually appropriate for our clients who have single, one-time issues to address.

Silver: $1,000 /month: Includes 4 hours of consultation (see above) or research. This can be in-person, Skype, or via email and text.

Gold: $2,500/month: Includes 10 hours of consultation or research, (see above) ideal for clients with large families or multiple challenges and wellness goals.

Platinum: $6,000/month: Includes up to 25 hours of service. (see above)

Our Silver, Gold and Platinum services can be shared by family members or staff and employees, but the total number of hours will equal the service level.