“Dr. Helena has helped me a great deal with some chronic health concerns. Her positive support and dedication to finding natural remedies that work for me has been life changing. Her years of experience and knowledge in integrative health and healing has had a very positive impact on my immune system and I continue to benefit from her nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.”
Kim, Pharm.D, San Francisco, CA

“I am fortunate & feel privileged to be a client of Dr. Helena. Three years ago, she reached out to me when she found out about my injuries associated with my 9ft. fall. Her introduction of a medical device “Bemer” made a difference in my physical recovery. Seeking Dr. Helena’s professional services is a health investment. Her appointments usually introduce some life-changing health strategies, which have included Glyphosate & Metals lab testing to seek solutions for my digestive & inflammatory problems.  I appreciate that she introduces supplements & health options (celery juicing) incrementally to see what works. In addition, to Dr. Helena’s wealth of medical knowledge, she is a warm, caring person which translates to a warm, caring doctor!”
Faye, Berkeley, CA

“Dr. Helena has been instrumental to my personal and professional success for over 10 years.  I call her ‘My Success Coach’.  She has assisted me in many important areas of my life including guiding my career, assisting my professional development, improving my state of mind, improving my health and increasing my happiness.  She is an expert on a plethora of subjects.  Dr. Helena’s friendly demeanor makes it very easy to work with her and discuss a variety of topics in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.  She has been a blessing to me.  I highly recommend Dr. Helena if you are looking for someone to help take your life to the next level.”
William, San Francisco, CA

“To say I have a complex medical condition is an understatement.  I met Dr. Helena at a health fair and I finally got a glimmer of HOPE!  I have found her to be positive and very patient with me through this leg of my journey.  She has encouraged me to make some lifestyle changes and has educated me in how I can not only improve my health now, but for my future.  The heavy metal, mold, and glyphosate testing and education are revealing and have allowed me to make necessary food/health/supplement choices.

Dr. Helena has helped me paint a picture of what my life will be like after I have navigated this rough patch – and it looks terrific!  If I stumble or have a bad day, she’s there to put that picture back up, encourages me to forgive myself and go on to create my long, healthy, pain-free future.  I have shared Dr. Helena’s information with a number of my friends and will continue to do so.”
Debbie, Santa Rosa, CA

“Acting as a career advisor, interview coach, and negotiation consultant through a tough job search that involved an industry transition, Eric’s suggestions and advice delivered results that helped me land the position that I wanted at a highly desirable company.”
Andrew, Lafayette, CA

“‘Don’t be lonely at the top!’
Eric has been remarkable in advancing the pace of my startup and seeing savvy cost cutting measures. Honestly, I can’t afford NOT to have him on my team. Notably, he redirected my subscription business model to a streamlined approach that will save thousands of dollars. Eric serves as a practical and clever sounding board to my CEO role, enabling me to move swiftly forward with confidence in my decisions, which has accelerated our time to launch by several months. His talent for reading our team means he steps in at the right times and adjusts to us accordingly, be it big picture planning or implementing small details. It also means there’s a private pep talk for me just when I need it. Eric would be a strong asset to any business, he’s highly recommended.”
Debriana, Business owner, Washington DC

“Dr. Helena came to my home and talked to my two teenage sons, who are about to go off to college. She had instant credibility with them because of her work with professional and Olympic athletes. For one son, she offered dietary advice to deal with an apparent allergy. For the other, she suggested methods to build muscle and strength, as he wants to be a police officer. Dr. Helena even gave me some advice for our dog who had recently had some back pain! I would highly recommend Dr. Helena to anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of what they can do to be healthier, naturally.”
Liz, Walnut Creek, CA

“Dr. Riess has been a tremendous resource and support to me and my family as we venture down the path to better health and nutrition. She has helped me sort out my youngest child’s skin problems and come up with a plan for her moving forward, which has already had amazing results. Dr. Riess takes all aspects of our lives into consideration when mapping out our nutritional needs and supplement plan. As a result, the disruption of our normal life routine is kept to a minimum. This is so important to us because we have small children and it was important to us that they never feel weird or deprived of the ‘things other kids get to eat.'”
Kimberly, Hawaii

“Dr. Riess is one of the most astute, caring, intelligent and consistently kind people that I have ever met. I can say without reservation that Dr, Riess has made such a difference in my health that without her guidance, I would probably be completely incapacitated or worse. Everyone’s lives that she has touched, are richer for knowing her. We count Dr. Riess an invaluable friend and confidant.”
Ann Chase
Executive Director
Honor Therapy and Assistance Dogs

“I cannot list the ways she has helped me and the number of times she has responded to my emergency calls for help. She is a dedicated, thoughtful professional who supports all her patients beyond the normal treatment sessions.”
Yvonne, San Francisco, CA

“She has been deeply committed to helping those in chronic pain, learn to reduce stress and promote optimum wellness, a standout exception to the standard operating procedure in the pain management field of polypharmacy and invasive procedures that do little or nothing to heal the whole person.”
Gail, M.D. Sebastopol, CA

“Dr. Riess’s advice was not available from my regular doctor. It was only available due to her willingness to actively research and advocate for an integrative approach to health care. Dr. Riess’s advice has had an important impact on the quality of my life.”
Michael, Attorney, San Francisco.

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