Healthy Homes

Home and work environments:

Our homes and commercial buildings were designed to facilitate easy and cost efficient construction, not wellness. We add chemicals at almost every step of the construction process, from concrete additives to wood preservatives and formaldehyde – laced wallboard.

How to have a Healthy Home through Wellness ConsultingThese chemicals do not ‘disappear’ but outgas for years and decades, and become part of the air we breathe. Add to that, the out-gassing from chemicals and manufactured materials for floors, carpets, walls, paints, and wallpaper and you can understand how a ‘healthy home’ can be difficult to achieve.


The components include:

  • Environmental assessment
  • Removal of toxic materials in the home and workplace
  • Retrofitting
  • Room by room analysis – furnishings, fabrics, finishes
  • Identifying electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) and their effects
  • “Greening” your home (strategic plants, green finishes, etc.)

As Building Biologists, we understand that your home is really an extension of you – your ‘third skin.’ It can affect your health as much as the food you eat and the water you drink.

Individuals with multiple chemical sensitivity may not understand what is causing their illness yet often the long-term exposure to the chemicals in your home is the first place to look.

Whether your symptoms show up as an illness, or just a change in your overall personality or outlook, the unseen factors in your environment may be one of the keys to regaining your health.

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